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          Flat key and Woodruff key is how to join

          Date:2016-07-08   Hit:

          Flat key and Woodruff key is how to join

          1. The flat key and semi-key connection

          Side of the flat key ---- bond is the face, by pressing keys and keyways to transmit torque, flat keys are divided into three ---- ordinary flat key flat key \\\\ \\\\ guide sliding key

          Thin flat key ---- for thin-wall parts

          There are three common flat key, used for static connection, guide key for moving the coupling, is divided into the first two round and square, from the large axial movement with the sliding key

          Woodruff key ---- with round after cutting or stamping ground, Woodruff Key: side work, the advantage of a good process that can automatically adapt to the requirements of the slope, the disadvantage is deep shaft keyway; Woodruff key: generally in the cone surface of the shaft Woodruff key

          2. The flat key and semi-key connection strengths and weaknesses ---- simple compact \\\\ \\\\ \\\\ easy assembly and disassembly \\\\ reliable low cost ---- keyways weaken the shaft strength, stress concentration, centering of difficulty

          To achieve an axial force transmission and fixed

          Woodruff key transmission torque mode

          Woodruff key by the side of the transmission torque, the shaft key slot can about the center of curvature of the bottom surface of swing arc, easy assembly. Keyway deeper, greater weakening of the shaft.